Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Testimony for March 18-19, 2013

HB 634 HD1 - Relating to Employment.  Establishes job security requirements upon the divestiture of a covered establishment if the covered establishment employs 100 or more persons. Effective July 1, 2030.

SB 470 SD1 - Relating to Credit Cards.  Prohibits retailers from imposing credit card surcharges in certain instances. Effective 07/01/2050.

SB 102 SD2 - Relating to the Elderly.  Amend section 412:3-114.5, Hawaii Revised Statutes, to require financial institutions to report instances of suspected financial abuse of an elder directly to the appropriate county police department and the Department of Human Services.

HB 535 HD2 - Relating to Homeless Programs.  Authorizes the designation of temporary nighttime parking lots in each county to provide safe overnight parking for homeless individuals who live and sleep in their motor vehicles and who would otherwise park overnight on public or private roads or property. Appropriates funds. Effective July 1, 2030.