Sunday, April 11, 2010

Tax Exemptions

SB 2402 SD1 HD1 is being heard in Conference Committee today at 5:00 pm. This bill would remove the GE tax exemption on the sale of tangible goods and services to credit unions, setting the tax at 1%. This bill would also place a 1% tax on proceeds received by HCUL from conventions, trade shows, etc.

The conferees are:
Senate: Senators Donna Mercado Kim, Carol Fukunaga, Michelle Kidani, Russell Kokubun, Shan Tsutsui, and Fred Hemmings.
House: Representatives Marcus Oshiro, Marilyn Lee, Isaac Choy, Pono Chong, and Lynn Finnegan.

Read the letter sent to members of the conference committee.

Thursday, April 1, 2010


Today marks the deadline known as "second decking" at the Hawaii State Legislature. This means that all bills must have been heard by their final committee referral by today, and filed by tonight. All bills that do not make this deadline are considered "dead".

One bill of note that will die if it is not heard today and filed tonight, is HB 2877, which in its current form, would raise the GE tax. Its original form would have taken away the GE tax exemption for various non-profits, including credit unions.

Click here to view and download the current bill tracking spreadsheet.