Thursday, August 27, 2009

Dan Mica Leaving

From CUNA News Now:

WASHINGTON (8/27/2009)--Dan Mica is stepping down as president and CEO of the Credit Union National Association effective January 2011. Mica made the announcement to the CUNA Board and executive management team today (Thursday, Aug. 27).

Additionally, Mica said, CUNA Chief Operating Officer and Chief of Staff Richard McBride is also stepping down in January 2011. McBride and Mica have been close associates for many years.
"My mentor, the late Rep. Paul G. Rogers, often said an individual should spend no more than 10 years in any particular role or position," Mica said. "I followed that advice as a congressional staff member, as a member of Congress and in my position prior to CUNA. I love what I do here at CUNA, and I deeply care about the credit union movement – so I have stayed a bit longer than Paul's advice would allow.

"Now, completely of my own choosing and preference, I am making the change. I fully intend to move on to something else after I depart CUNA. There is much room in my life for additional accomplishments, and I am looking at all opportunities," Mica said.

Mica commended and thanked the CUNA Boards he served with over the past 13 years as CEO, as well as each of the chair persons he served. He said that, in each case, the relationship between himself and his chair person was "incredible, special." Mica particularly commended the staff and management team of CUNA, calling them persistent, ardent and tenacious in pursuing whatever he has requested of them. "I hope they remain friends of mine forever," he said.
CUNA Chairman Kris Mecham said that "the board understands that this has been a tough decision for Dan. During his tenure at CUNA – longer than any other CEO – Dan has brought CUNA and the credit union movement to the highest levels of respect in Washington and nationwide. We thank him for his service."

Mecham noted that a committee will be formed to find Mica's replacement, and that Mica will participate throughout that search. "From the day I joined CUNA, I put my whole heart and soul into the credit union movement," Mica said. "I am a true believer of credit unions and sincerely fond of the people who nurture and lead them. I have seen how they provide the best deal to consumers – and I am convinced that, in the future, credit unions will become of even greater importance to more and more consumers."

A former five-term member of Congress, Mica represented his home state of Florida from 1979 to 1989 in the U.S. House of Representatives as a Democrat. He assumed his duties at CUNA in July 1996. During his time at CUNA, he is credited with raising the visibility and presence of credit unions in Washington, building a powerful grassroots lobbying structure for credit unions before the Congress, and developing new and innovative products to help credit unions serve their members.