Tuesday, February 24, 2009

GAC Day 2...State Pride, Pundits, & Breakout Sessions

Gordon Sam (Pearl Harbor FCU), and League President Dennis Tanimoto carry the Hawai'i Flag proudly in today's State Flag Ceremony.

Following the opening ceremony, we were treated to a political "showdown" by CNN's Paul Begala on the left, and MSNBC's Tucker Carlson on the right. They discussed everything from the great opportunity offerred by our "Land of Opportunity", to President Obama's first thirty days in office. It was a refreshing and down-to-earth take on both sides of the aisle.

Today's breakout sessions featured everything from economic forecasts to dealing with the local press. Possible upcoming interchange regulation legislation was discussed in the interchange session, which would likely be reintroduced by Senator Durbin in the near future. A rundown of the 111th Congress introduced attendees to effective ways to communicate our message to new members. NCUA held a large breakout session, where they answered tough questions.

It was another breezy day in DC, with temperatures hovering near 35. Tomorrow, look for a recap of our visits to Capitol Hill!